Hey there, I’m Joni, a web designer and developer living near Helsinki, Finland. I’m specialized in things like interaction design and web typography, but I’m currently spending my time (and savings) making indie games.

I'm not currently looking for any new contract work, but if you're looking for help with development or design, you should contact Kisko Labs. The best ways to contact me are Twitter and email: @jonikorpi, me@jonikorpi.com.

Current Work

Vuoro Design is my one-man company. I develop indie multiplayer games using the web platform. The first two of my games are currently under development: Valtameri is about ponderous real-time strategy and travel, while Valtakunta is about turn-based strategy on a massive scale. I also maintain Kausi, an app somewhere between a to-do list, a calendar, and a journal.

I’ve worked with Kisko Labs since 2012, first as a full-time web designer and now as a freelancer. I’ve participated in 50+ projects, ranging from doing graphic design for static marketing sites to doing interaction design and front-end development for complex web applications.

Experimental Layout Systems


Modeless Zoomable UI
Zoomable UI for the Web
Bi-directional Layout

CSS Grid Systems


Golden Grid System
Less Framework

Old Writing


A Smoother Page Load
Leaving Old Internet Explorer Behind
Bachelor's Thesis: Adaptive Web Design
Adaptive Static Design