Hey! I’m Joni Korpi, a web designer and developer based near Helsinki, Finland. I’ve been making websites for over a decade. Right now I’m spending my time (and savings) making multiplayer games for the web platform at Vuoro Design.

Looking for help with web design or development? You should contact Kisko Labs. I’ve worked with them since 2012, first as an employee and later as a freelancer, participating in over 50 projects.

You can contact me on Mastodon, Bluesky or via email at jonikorpi@­joni­korpi­.com.

Modeless Zoomable UI

A progress update on my work with zoomable UIs on the web (2015)

Zoomable UI for the Web

An alternative to in-site hyperlink navigation (2015)

Bi-directional Layout

Improving responsive layouts using 2D scrolling (2013)

Bachelor's Thesis

Adaptive Web Design: as applied to the design process of a web application (2012)


A recipe for building an infinitely adapting fixed-width grid (2011)

Golden Grid System

A folding grid system for responsive design (2011)

A Smoother Page Load

An unexpected opportunity to control how the page loads, using Typekit (2011)

Adaptive Static Design

A magazine article on using fixed-width layouts with responsive design (2011)

Leaving Old Internet Explorer Behind

Using media queries to make a clean break from legacy browsers (2011)

Less Framework

An early adaptive CSS grid system (2011)